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Awaiting results

Hi all,

Just looking to talk this out with people who may understand my predicament. I had been perfectly healthy, despite an underactive thyroid until last November.

I had some mild symptoms, following some tests I had blood in a faecal occult test which then sent me to the GI. She decided to do a colonoscopy/ gastroscopy which only showed some mild gastritis in the stomach.

Ever since then I’ve had loose BM’s quite regularly, fatty foods go straight through me, lots of bloating and gas, not much pain though.

Calprotection and inflammatory markers were a bit elevated so I’ve just had the pill endoscopy this week. CT scan of small intestine didn’t show much. I’ve lost 7kg since November too.

Specialist said it could be Crohn’s but I’m not sure if all my symptoms are stacking up. Trying to hang in there until that doctor calls but so far I’m 4 months in of not knowing what is causing this.


  1. Sorry you're feeling frustrated. One thing you need to know about IBD, is that it manifests itself differently in different people, even amongst family members with the disease. Don't expect your symptoms to "stack up". There is no such thing as a textbook case for Crohn's or Ulcerative Colitis, or any of the other diseases classified under the heading, IBD. In many ways it doesn't matter what the name of what you have is, since treating/managing the symptoms and getting into remission is the end goal. Good luck.

    1. my doc originally was hesitant to call it Crohns because of the absence of granulomas. I agree in the end treating/managing symptoms is what is important.

  2. Did you every get concrete ansswer, ?
    ~ Sahara (Team member)

    1. Hi there,

      No concrete answers. My GI said the pill cam showed nothing. I had bloods yesterday to check if I have celiac disease which was negative.

      It’s all very bizarre. I’m being told it could just be a gluten intolerance 🤷🏻‍♀️

      1. So sorry you haven't been able to get a concrete answer. Have you been tested for SIBO or H pylori?

        -Elizabeth (team member)

      2. let us know how you get on!

        My gran is actually coeliac and she had a lot of urgency, and increased frequency. Even had a fair few accidents away from home, which is obviously very distressing! She was initially diagnosed with IBS, and later coeliac. Once she started avoiding gluten, massive improvement in symptoms! No more accidents!

        ~ Sahara (team member)

    2. I am in the same situation as you,seeing Dr today to review pill cam results.Up to now most results are inconclusive. You are not alone in this

      1. did you learn anything from the pill cam?

        ~ Sahara (team member)

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