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Child symptoms and how to get a diagnosis.

Hi I’m new to the forum but am looking for help with my daughter (just turned 5). From age 3 she started having stomach pains and persistent diaorrhea (5+ times a day, spending 30 mins or more on the toilet each time), fatigue and anaemia so they did the iga which came back as high but not off the charts. So coeliac was suspected and they wanted to do an endoscopy off the back of it. With her being 4 at the time of testing I wanted to try a gluten free diet first. Within 3 days of being gluten free her diaorrhea stopped and all symptoms improved, no more anaemia. But her stomach aches have come back with a vengeance and her MCHC is high. I’m going to ask them to repeat her iga test to see if they’re still high. But wondered if this resonates with any other parents of children with IBD and if anyone has any suggestions of the type of tests to request? Thanks

  1. Hi I am so glad you found our community. My heart goes out to you about your daughter, being a mother too I know how hard it is to watch your child in pain. I hope others will chime in and share their experiences with you but in the meantime I wanted to share this article with you in case you didn't already see it about different diagnostic tests used to diagnose IBD Please keep up posted on how she is doing and reach out if there is anything we can do for you. We are here to support you as a caregiver as well. Sending thoughts your way. Warmly, Erin (team member)

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