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Colitis, Rejecting Job Offer and Grief

After almost a year of searching for jobs, I was given the opportunity to work at a location which is 1 hour commute from my home. Although I am in remission from colitis, I still suffer from weakness from infusions. I finally got accepted into the job but the day before starting, I turned it down out because deep down I know I cannot travel that far and work full time. By the time I get back (8 hour daily shift) with the 2 hours commuting, I knew that I would be physically and mentally drained. I feel really depressed about this now and would like to know from others what would they do in my situation? Would you have taken the job? I am not in a position where I desperately need money but at the same time I feel like I let myself down. I been rejected from jobs before but this one hurt the most because the job was right there, in my hand and I decided to let it go.

  1. I have actually quit 3 jobs in the past 3yrs because they didn't jive with my UC =(
    I am due to start a new job tomorrow and I am worried this one will also not jive... I feel like I have let myself and family down, I feel like a loser and a shell of myself... before I started having frequent flares, I was a work horse and loved working and never quit my job, worked at the same place for years!
    I know how you feel and it sucks.
    On the ouside looking in, I def don't think you let yourself down and you made the right call!
    But again, I know how you feel and I know that its easier said than done to be ok with the decisions wr sometimes have to make. *hugs

    1. SharPei How's everything going? How's the new job?

  2. I can absolutely see how this is a difficult decision to make! Sometimes balancing work with health can be extremely challenging. In my experience, I have tried to explain to my employers that I do have some health challenges and asking them how I can modify the job a little so I can still do good work while taking care of myself. That being said, this may have been a situation where that was less possible. I hope you are able to be kind to yourself, as I think you really recognized that you need to take care of your mental and physical health. And I am definitely thinking of you and have my fingers crossed for another opportunity to come up for you! - Eshani ( Team Member)

    1. You can only ever base your career decisions on what is right for you. Only you really know what that is.
      So, I can only comment from a personal perspective. I know I wouldn't have been able to hold down that job without making myself really unwell. You can forge on for so long, but ultimately, it does take its toll on your body. I have struggled in the past with a 30 hour work week. I ended up reducing it to 22, and it was still too much! We're all different, and only you know where your limit is!
      ~ Sahara (Team member)

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