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Crohn's and Pancreas stopped working.

I have had IBS with D for years. Recently a gastro doctor told me my pancreas has stopped working. He put me on Creon 5 pill with each meal. It has done nothing to ease the gas diareah. I have lost 40 lbs. He did a colonoscopy all good there. CT scan was good. Lab work showed Pancreas not working. He told me I would just have to live with the explosive diareah, cramps bloating. I cant eat most foods. I felt like he was not intrested in helping me. I have an appointment on December 15 with another gastro doctor. He told me to get a second opinion. I am not sure what he is treating. Creon dose not work as far as I am concerned. My father had a colostomy and he seemed okay with it. But this is a little more than I can handle, I can go out but as soon as the pain gets too bad I have to go home. I am on disability I had both knees replaced 10 years ago I am 58. The doctor just said stay away from red meet. But after reading about Crohn's I am not sure what I can eat or cant eat. This doctor left me in mid air. Sorry just needed to vent I am so unhappy with this condition. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

  1. My UC has been in remission since 14'. Its good your scope and CT showed good.

    You say you can't eat most foods. Tell me what you believe you can eat? First time I have heard a Dr say to avoid red meat (COWS). He is correct. But I bet ground lamb or ground turkey thigh would be ok for your system.

    What do you drink during the day? Try coconut water, it is a natural inflammatory as well as laxative and you get hydrated as well. You can buy it by the case at C----O.

    Have you tried eating coconut milk yogurt every day? What probiotics do you use, dry or liquid?

    You probably will have loose stools for your whole life even when healthy, though explosive we want to get rid of. My mother had her colon removed for UC, then I went down that road, but after 2 years of suffering I figured it out. My 22' scope showed no UC or polyps, etc.. I am 53. That was my last takes a full year to get right again after scope.

    1. Thank you for the replies, no doctor has told me a full list of what I cant eat just red meat and fatty foods. I drink Turkey Hill sweet tea and I have 2 32oz coca-cola slushies during the day. I am 59 I gave up on probiotics I think taking them may have caused this.
      If this is going to be my life with constant loose stools that I hold till I have so much pain that I have to go. (reminder get toilet paper) its mostly gas with strange looking poop. I believe in quality of life and this is not quality. I would rather be dead than deal with this. I dont like coconut water and I stay away from laxatives that would make it worse. Thank you for your help totally lost, a second opinion on December 15. If he tells me this is life then I am out.

      1. stop the sugary drinks, eat some coconut milk yogurt, eat more hearty broths during the week, no redmeat, no nuts, no hard raw'd rather be dead but you won't drink coconut water...c'mon, ur stronger than that ! don't worry about the laxative property of the coco water, its really more the inflammatory properties of it..

        1. Thank you for the reply, I will buy a bottle of coco water and see what it taste like. Can I eat rice, pasta, spagetti sauce. Are mash potatos good. I like chicken and try to eat a lot of that. How many times a day can I eat yogurt and can it be like flavored. Do you know of any smoothies that are good for this.


          1. Oh please stay away from coca cola. That soda is a bomb to the intestines. Also sweet tea is no good. Sugar is going to mess with your gut when it is already compromised. Eat organic protein. chicken, turkey, meat, fish. Broths are excellent for healing the gut. Fermented foods as well. The gut wants to heal, you just need to give it the tools to do so. I think mashed potatoes are good. Maybe no spaghetti. Just do white rice for the moment. And I would stay away from flavored yogurt, lots of sugar. -Elizabeth (team member)

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