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Has anyone with Crohn’s had a COVID shot yet?

Has anyone with Crohn’s had a COVID shot yet and can tell if you had any problems because of it?

  1. Hi ! Great question. I know that with many vaccines becoming more readily available, this is something on the mind of many.

    I would be remiss to first acknowledge that these vaccines are new and you should connect with your doctor, who has an understanding of your personal medical history, to determine whether taking it is right for you, personally.

    That said, one of our community advocates published a piece this week explaining her decision to get the vaccine. Ultimately it's a personal decision for everyone, but it's a great article that can shed some perspective.

    Thanks for your question! Others may weigh in on this thread as well so you might see other replies/perspectives.


    Reggie ( Team)

    1. Hi ! I did choose to get the COVID vaccine after talking at length to my care team. I have now had both doses, and would be happy to answer any specific questions you have.

      Amanda ( Team)

      1. hi!

        Yes I had my first covid jab last month and it was an absolute breeze! I didnt feel a thing at the time. And then the lady actually told me that I would most likely feel a bit groggy that evening and for the next day or two...

        But I only felt tired and had flushed cheeks for an hour or two that night but other than that I had no other symptoms and haven't noticed that its impacted my Crohns at all!

        My arm was bruised for about 3 weeks tho 😄 and a bit sore for a few days but it was totally bearable.

        Highly recommend it, I personally feel the benefit completely outweighs the risks but yes, if you're not sure, speak to your IBD team...

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