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Crohns Flare

Hello everyone! I am having the worst flare up. Seems like I am not responding to steroid treatment or antibiotics. I have been losing excess blood and unable to leave the house due to urgency. In order to get biologic treatment I need to get vaccinated I was told by my Gastro but I am very scared as I am already very weak and it will suppress my immune even more. Any successful alternative treatment before I go ahead with biologic and vaccine?

  1. Hi , I'm so sorry to hear of your flare! I l know your post is from a couple days ago.. how are you feeling today? We have some articles on alternative treatments, I'll share them here.

    I hope this helps. Will you keep us updated on how you're doing? Sending you well wishes and hugs! - Pam (team member)

    1. Hey , this sounds really hard. I don't know much about covid rules, but do all doctors require vaccination?
      And regarding taking the vaccine, id love to see some immunosuppressed members respond if they had vaccinated and how it affected them. Personally I am immunosuppressed but have not vaccinated because i too am scared.
      All the best, and feel well!

      1. Hi there! I took the Moderna vaccine prior to getting on prednisone and biologics, but I just recently got my booster while on Remicade. I had a slight fever for a few hours and then was fine. My doctor indicated that he felt I should get the vaccine because getting sick with COVID could have worse effects on my body and that the literature has shown that people with IBD have been okay with the vaccine. That being said, it's definitely something to discuss with your doctor, especially if you have concerns. I'm sure they can help you see how the vaccine fits into your individual situation. - Eshani (Team Member)

    2. Theres something you could try...

      CBD oils
      Eat plant based

      Off course they may not work for you..

      I tried Pentasa for 2 years.. made it worse..

      And I cant take any other medecine against it due to other diagnoses...

      So those are the options i have..

      1. , thanks for sharing! That's true, everyone's results may vary. It's a good idea for folks to speak with their doctor to try to find the right treatment plan for them. How have these been working for you and your IBD symptoms? Best, Minel (Team member)

    3. Read for the list of available treatments?!
      Azathioprine/Imuran - Mercaptopurine/6MP

      I think that's it! Lol. As you can see, I have also included biologics.
      ~ Sahara (team member)

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