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crohns in remission

hi all, a quick question here, if crohns is in remission or just isnt really hurting anymore, would it not show up on an MRI? like if i suspect crohns, but i feel better now after a month of pain and once i started taking anti-inflammatory things like turmeric and fish oil three times a day, but i still got the MRI, would an issue like crohns not show up cause the pain and all is gone?

  1. Thank you for your question. Crohn's Disease will always show on an MRI, however, your GI will be able to tell if you are suffering from active disease, inflammation, etc. Did your GI prescribe an MRI?
    I always feel like it is better to be safe than sorry with this disease and to stay on top of it before things go awry. If your MRI was prescribed, I would still get it just to be sure everything is looking as good as you feel 😀

    --Julie (Team Member)

    1. hi thank you so much for answering! yes he prescribed an mri with contrast of my abdomen and pelvis but i wasnt sure if there was a point in getting it cause im not in like a lot of pain anymore and i thought that would mean he wouldnt be able to see what was wrong and would keep saying it’s in my head, but now i understand from you that it would show up regardless so thank you so much i’ll definitely get it down!!!!

    2. my pleasure! I think that is wise, as it is always better to stay on top of things, and if it looks good, then at least they have something to compare it to should you not feel well down the road. And, MRIs don't expose you to radiation (unlike CT scans) so I think that is a wise move!

      --Julie (Team Member)

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