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Does anyone suffer from UTI’s such as Cystitis with IBD??

Hi all, Hope everyone is doing well. I was just wondering if anyone suffers with UTI’s, such as Cystitis, with IBD or if anyone knows if it is common?? I’ve recently been suffering with symptoms with the women’s parts 😂 and went for some tests today. The nurse said everything was fine but it could be due to the recent problems I’m having with my bowels. She also examined by stomach by feeling it and told me my bowels felt inflamed, which doesn’t surprise me. I have IBS and I’m currently awaiting tests to determine whether I have IBD but was wondering if anyone else has ever experienced any UTI problems?? Thanks Danielle

  1. I am so glad you asked this question, . I suffered from intercystitis (IC) which is commonly known as "painful bladder syndrome" in 2017 and the urogynecologist I saw said it is especially common in those with IBD.

    It felt like a UTI that just would not go away. I had constant urges to go to the bathroom (when in fact, I did not have to go) and had pain in my lower abdomen.

    I was prescribed a medication that turned my urine blue (totally forget the name) and saw an acupuncturist who specialized in treating IC patients which helped tremendously. Better managing my stress also helped, as it seems to be tied closely with overactive nerves.

    Also, I used to suffer from UTIs which is also common when using the bathroom often, so just be sure you keep the entire area clean and always wipe front to back.

    Sorry for the long post, but there is a lot that is tied together with IBD/IBS and the bladder so I wanted to cover all bases. Hope this helps!

    --Julie (Team Member)

    1. Hi @JulieMariePalumbo,

      Aww, no worries and I’m suffering with the exact same symptoms!

      It’s not really affecting me as much as my IBD symptoms but it’s good/useful to know that it’s common in those who have IBD. I’m really glad the nurse told me today as I didn’t know they could be tied together and makes more sense to why I’m been having UTI symptoms.

      No worries and thank you, it’s been a great help!


      1. I am glad I could help a bit, Danielle. I hope you are having a better day today and can get control over your UTI symptoms--they're not fun!!

        --Julie (Team Member)

    2. Yes I was diagnosed with chronic inflammation in the bladder after a biopsy

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