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Does anyone else get nauseated and nervous when flare ups happen

Whenever I have a flare up, I go into a bit of an anxiety attack. I’m always getting nauseous, and after the flare, it is normal that I'm so weak in the knees (or should I say weak in the legs).. And It’s like I'm in a brain fog for a couple of days. Is this normal??

  1. I certainly get nauseous and vomit quite often during a flare. My anxiety also increases. You are definitely not alone in feeling this.

    Always dancing,
    Elizabeth (team member)

    1. Hi ,

      I definitely get nauseous when I go into a flare, which causes my anxiety to spike drastically because I am constantly fighting it. It is completely draining and leaves me physically spent for days. The brain fog is real as well, and if I didn't write everything down in my planner I would be lost! I have found some temporary relief from the nausea by putting peppermint essential oils in my diffuser and drinking peppermint tea. It helps settle my stomach and I try to do a calming activity at the same time, like coloring or crocheting while listening to an audio book or music. I also talked to my therapist, and she gave me some "tools" to help reduce the anxiety so I don't make my flare worse. I hope you can find something similar to help when you feel this way so you can find some relief!

      Best of luck,
      Natali (team member)

      1. Hi ,

        You are not alone! My anxiety skyrockets after I red vines or beets! From talking to other patients, I've realized that most of us have an automatic knee jerk reaction at the first signs of a flare. We just never get use to it. Yes, nausea is very common. I try to add an Oral Rehydration Supplement to my system. Preggie pops, ginger candies, peppermint tea all help me get through those moments. I also do cold towels and try to lay down when I can. I know it seems like we just can't rest or take a moment. But we need to do so. You can't pour from an empty cup.
        ( Team Member)

        1. As I sit in bed, after work, in the middle of a flare up, nauseated and crying from Anxiety more than the pain itself....I’m just glad I’m not alone. I haven’t ate solid food in 2 days, living off bananas, yogurt cause I’m afraid to eat anything anymore...and restarted my Chrons antibiotics I stopped taking two months ago cause I was doing so well and plus they made me get sick and catch Shingles at age 40...while the hospital told me nothing was wrong and to get a PC doc....I feel defeated and have a new found appreciation for FB groups! I’ve always been a happy, outgoing, type A personality until I was diagnosed in August of last year...I just am having trouble with the Anxiety most of all and not being the free spirited person I used to I got a new Doc I get to see in 10 days, but I’m assuming I will also have to get recommended to a GI specialist...the stress of waiting for docs, the stress of the flares, the stress of the unknown and the worst case scenarios...I just hope others get me and feel my struggle!

          1. Thanks so much for sharing, ! You certainly are NOT alone here. I know there are many who understand what you're going through. A diagnosis can be devastating, but please know we're all here for each other and we're here for you! Here's an article from one of our advocates. talks about not losing yourself to your diagnosis. I thought it might be uplifting for you to read.

            Please reach out anytime for support. <3 Sending hugs and well wishes -Pam (team member)

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