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Having a flair of UC after 7 months of Entyvio

Help……anyone else have this?! Life has been soooooo much better after I’ve been on Entyvio, really….like a light has just been switched OFF!

However, I went on vacation & after 3 weeks hit a little flair & then ballooned into a large flair when I returned home.

I’m went on 40mg Prednisone 2wks/tapered to 30mg, still no relief, then I recommended to Dr that I’m OK with taking it 24hrs, so he dropped me to 20mg @6a & again @ 6p (I do have insomnia w/ prednisone so with sleeping pills this wasn’t a big deal). I’m finally after 1.5 weeks of 24hr prednisone feeling better. Still bleeding but trying to limit my fiber intake. Exercise & lots of liquids everyday helps me to feel better.

I know Entyvio states that it takes up to 52 weeks to hit remission. Any tips from anyone who’s had this happen?

  1. no tips here, but it's not uncommon for people to build up antibodies to treatments, so it's worth asking them to check if that's actually the case here!
    ~ Sahara (Team member)

    1. Having actual r inflammation on entivyio and they just joes my dosage from 8 weeks to 6 weeks & still no changes.

      1. sorry to hear you are experiencing inflammation and yet to find any relief. I truly hope you can find some relief soon. Sending hugs your way. -Jessica, Team Member

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