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IBD or?

Is it normal to have IBD potentially be going through a flare up but feel absolutely fine?

I went to the doctors because I had mucus and blood from my back passage, this has been going on everyday since the end of Jan. Had blood in Feb which were fine had FIT which was positive, waiting on gastro referral dr thinks it's IBD but in general I feel absolutely fine sometimes get bloated and cramps after evening meal other than that no pain anywhere, no weight loss. Also been more constipated rather than loose not really had any diarrhoea at all. Blood comes out with mucus on its own, and also covers stools and after.
Dr checked back passage said looks fine and couldn't feel any hemorrhoids. Just fed up of waiting on a diagnosis really.

  1. Hi , the symptoms that you have described very well may be the symptoms of IBD. Seeing blood and mucus typically means there is inflammation and that inflammation could worsen without treatment. When I was first diagnosed, I had bleeding for over a year that I thought was fine (I was 20 or so and didn't realize that I should be going to a doctor!). Unfortunately, I could very sick suddenly and then definitely didn't feel fine. I'm glad your symptoms don't seem to be taking a huge toll on you right now, but I think it's great you're going through the diagnosis process, annoying and exhausting as it is. Getting a clear answer may mean that you can discuss treatment options and avoid getting sicker (unlike me)! I'll add too that not everyone has the same symptoms, so I've ever had weight loss or super severe pain, so you may be like me and never have those particular symptoms. Let me know if you have any other questions about my experience. 😀 -Eshani (IBD Team Member)

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