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Intense abdominal pain

Hi new to this, but need to see if anyone else has experience the same pain as me. I've had Crohn's for 6 years and had surgery to remove part of my large intestine. Recently, I've started to get intense abdominal pain that is so bad I can't sit still or sleep. Been to the hospital twice, gotten a colonoscopy done. GI says it could be a bowel obstruction due to scarring but nothing conclusive. Not sure if I should still keep going back to the hospital happens but all.i know is when the pain hits, I can barely function. Thoughts?

  1. I would definitely continue pressing your doctor to do more tests to get to the bottom of the pain. Perhaps the pain isn't stemming from your large intestine which is only what a colonoscopy shows. Maybe it is something in your small intestine? Have you had an MRI done? Perhaps even ask for a capsule endoscopy. But definitely keep being your own advocate and don't stop until you get an answer. If the pain is so severe that you must be hospitalized, then something is definitely up--at least that's my opinion.

    Wishing you the best.

    Always dancing,
    Elizabeth (team member)

    1. Sounds like what my son is going through. He has ulcerative colitis and this last week he has had some bad pains in his lower stomach. Went to the doctor and after checking his vitals and some blood work said maybe it was a rip and gave him some cream to insert, it was kinda lower left that where your pain is mostly?

      1. Hey , just connecting you to here, incase you didn't see the response/question =)

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