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Joint pain

Initially my first and main symptom is pelvic/hip pain and recently I have discovered that this could be joint pain due to crohns. It is so severe that I struggle to walk on some days. Is this normal for anyone else? Does anyone have any tips on how to help relieve the pain please?

  1. what is your diet? specifically what do you eat?

    1. So sorry you are dealing with this pain, it sounds awful. I would get horrific joint pain when I was first diagnosed but it turned out it was due to a medication I was on. Are you on any medication? Could it be possible it is a side effect? In the meantime, warm baths with epsom salt should help. -Elizabeth ( team member)

      1. I had what they called inflammatory knees swealing, I am thinking maybe at the young age of 14 years old I may have had Chrons but it was never detected. And at age 15 I was diagnosed with epilepsy. Whenever I would have a seizure it took a long time to get better. My sister was the first to have 11 inches removed from her colon with colon cancer. At 23 years old. I wasn't bothered at the time but she had us all get colonoscopy to check. Well I was 29 at the time and never had a problem. They found out I had a brain tumor behind my eye, but it was inoperable because of the good tissue to bypass as the top neurosurgeon at the Montreal university hospital wanted to try and take it out with lazer but again it was to dangerous. Then around the year 2002 I finally had a colonoscopy and nothing was found. But I've always had terrible hip and back pain, and they didn't find anything. Then about 15 years ago after I was in a short coma they did another colonoscopy and the specialist told me I had Chrons. But she was sick herself and I remember her walking from patients to patients and when I noticed she had no files in her hands, so therefore didn't write it down that I had it. Since two of my children have it. My daughter at 25 years old also had 11 inches removed. And my specialist didn't remember telling me I had Chrons because my sons friends were always asking him how come I didn't have it, so when I called him he thought it was very funny. And I have been treated for a sore back since then. But as a hairdresser I always had a bad back. So I'm on pain meds. And I have quit them many times and when I do I lose weight and feel much better. And I'm starting to work on quitting them now. My specialist quit her practice because of her colon cancer. And never referred me to another one even my family Dr is not aware I have this and I believe it's time I tell him so he can help me, like the other ladies story I read as I'm writing this my arms are acting up terrible. And I've started taking apple cider vinegar pills and noticed that I don't have so much gas in the morning and I don't rush to the washroom asap. So I have no idea if what im taking in the apple cider vinegar pills. But time will tell. My sister had gotten me some liquid form but it would burn my stomach to much hence I purchased it in pill form I do notice that it takes away the effects of my oxicodon and I think it will just make it easier to quit them.

        1. Oh , you really have experienced a lot. Thank you, for opening and up and sharing so much about your experiences here. I can hear how difficult and challenging this has all been, especially with your doctor not even remembering what she told you! I think it is such a great idea to have a conversation with your family doctor about it all so that you can hopefully get the support and relief that you deserve. Please, if you're comfortable, let us know how it goes and how you're doing. Sending you gentle hugs. -- Warmly, Christine (Team Member)

      2. Where do you find a gastroenteritis who will see you? In rockford il. You only see a PA. The only doctor is when they are doing a procedure. After that it's back to the know it all P A. I think she prescribes what she gets a kick back on. She pushed entyvio and then remicade. What high dollar one next? If she ever bothers to call back. This shortage of doctors is terrible..

        1. That does sound challenging, . I wish that it wasn't so far (or so expensive) for you to be able to get out to see your doctors. It sounds like Canada also has a shortage of gastroenterologists just like we (in the US) do. Please know that this community is here for you! Sending you gentle hugs. -- Warmly, Christine (Team Member)

        2. Hi . When people talk about the cost of healthcare they rarely think about the "incidentals" of things like transportation or simply the ability to get to appointments. My wife, Kelly, was diagnosed with a severe form of different autoimmune condition at age two (in her case, juvenile rheumatoid arthritis) and has used a wheelchair most of her life. This adds a whole other level to transportation issues and expense. Too often it is the people who need the appointments and the help getting to them the most that get left behind. Hoping you can get the care you need. Best, Richard (Team Member)

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