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Is painful joints in the knees a common IBD symptom?

Hi everyone and Happy New Year! I was just wondering if many people get painful joints in the knees due to IBD?

For the past few years, I’ve experienced it whether I’m standing, sitting, or lying down but recently I’ve noticed it’s got worse and it also happens now after I’ve passed a stool.

When I feel the pain I have to stretch my legs and ‘click’ my joints, which sometimes helps but sometimes it doesn’t. I haven’t been diagnosed with IBD but after suffering from the symptoms for about 3 1/2 years, getting told I had IBS and then my symptoms getting worse this year, I have been referred for an endoscopy and biopsy.

I was just wondering if painful joints is related to IBD and if anyone else suffers from this?



  1. Hi Danielle! Sorry your joints are giving you trouble. I know it's painful.

    I'm sharing a few threads that you may find helpful:

    1. Beyond the Bathoom: Lesser Known IBD Symptoms (this article highlights joint inflammation. Also in a poll of nearly 10,000 people - when asked "have you ever experienced joint inflammation?" - 45% answered "always" and 42% answered "sometimes"):

    2. Another community member asked "Can you experience joint pain due to ulcerative colitis?" She specifically mentions her knees hurting. A few comments in that thread might be helpful for you.

    3. From a medical perspective, this article can provide more of a scientific understanding of joint inflammation and IBD -

    I hope these help! Welcome to the community

    - Reggie (IBD Team Member)

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      So sorry you are going through joint pain. In addition to the great articles Reggie has shared with you above, I will add from my personal experience that I suffered a lot with joint pain during bad flares. There was also a time where I was on a biologic that caused me to have terrible knee pain. So basically to answer your question, yes, knee pain/joint pain is definitely related to IBD.

      -Elizabeth (team member)

      1. Hi Thank you for your reply and thanks for sharing these threads. I will definitely have a little look at them!

        Danielle ☺️

        1. Absolutely! Any questions or thoughts, just let us know 😀

          -Reggie ( Team Member)

      2. Hi Thank you for your reply and ahhh, right okay. Kind off makes sense that it’s linked to IBD but despite still waiting for my Endoscopy and biopsy, it’s good to know.

        Thanks again,
        Danielle ☺️

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          Of course. We are here to help! Good luck on your endoscopy.

          Best, Elizabeth (team member)

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