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Nausea with Crohns Disease

Hi, I've had Crohns for 6 or 7 Years now, and for a year or so before Covid, I suffered from nausea every single day.

I never would actually vomit, just felt sick to my stomach and had no appetite because of it. I was then started on Infliximab because I was also suffering with abdominal pain at the same time.

Since starting biologics I've not had the nausea anymore, until a few weeks ago I felt nauseous a few times and then the past week I've had it a lot more consistently and I think it might be coming back like before!

Just wondering if anyone else suffers from this and whether you've any tips?? I've not been in much pain or anything recently, or had any other symptoms so I'm a bit confused this time.


  1. Hi, !
    I have taken Infliximab - aka, Remicade. It did not make me nauseated. If you look up details about the medication, you'll see that "nausea" is listed as a "rare" side effect. With that stated, I will admit to certain foods making me sick to my stomach. For example, yesterday for Memorial Day, I ate two hot dogs knowing that my gut does not handle processed meat well. As expected, I ended up so sick to my stomach last night. I thought I would throw up, but I didn't. I just laid around curled up in pain. My UC does not work well with certain foods. After years (30+) of living with UC, I know better. Yesterday, I just craved a hot dog. But I paid the price for it.

    Have you noticed the nauseated feeling after eating certain foods? I would pay attention to when you get this feeling and note what you have eaten. Also, I know that if you are on other medications, they can sometimes conflict with Infliximab. So, you might want to investigate that avenue. In addition, while on this treatment, I would be sure to stay hydrated. Drinking plenty of water helps so much when it comes to taking certain prescriptions.

    I hope this helps. If it worsens, I'd contact your physician. He/she should be made aware of what's happening to your gut.

    Please let us know how it goes. I'm sending out positive vibes your way.

    Traci--UC-IBD Team Member

    1. Hi

      Thank you so much for your response and suggestions, this is really helpful!

      I've not noticed any particular food each time, but I'm thinking of something I had at the weekend that could have caused me to be much worse yesterday so I'll definitely keep an eye out!

      I ate a pretty bland diet yesterday and so far today and my stomach feels much more settled, so I'll continue to monitor 🤞

      Thanks again and will KYP.

      1. Yay! I'm glad your stomach is more settled today. Mine is too after yesterday's grilling. Let's hope your gut continues to stay settled and mellow. I hope you have a super Tuesday! Air Hugs!--Traci, UC-IBD Team Member

      2. Keep us posted. I hope you continue to feel better. Hugs, Elizabeth (team member)

    2. I've dealt with this before. For mer personally, it turned out that I had H Pylori and SIBO. I saw a Naturopathic Doc and he put me on supplements to kill off the bad bacteria and I felt better. The nausea also went away and my appetite came back. Perhaps you can see a Naturopathic Doctor in your area? -Elizabeth (team member)

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