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Ostomy in the summer

Here we go... temps are rising unseasonably warmer than expected by 20 degrees in Wisconsin this week. A reminder to those of us that have an ostomy of never-ending skin issues in heat.

Personally, I not only have irritation and rash problems under the appliance but under my bag (below the belt so to speak). I've come up with unique ideas to somewhat help.

For the under the belt area: I use a small piece of cotton cloth (old tshirt), sprinkle it with powder then roll it quite thin, then paper tape it to myself (I know more darn tape). I also use those bag covers usually I purchase on etsy, I don't show mine (to wear the bag out).

If a slight rash appears I use athletes foot cream under the bag. (As instructed by my WOC nurse).
For around the appliance I use athletes foot spray. Brush it off, then apply the prep swab.

For worse rashes check with your doctor they can prescribed creams. (Not for use under appliance)

Remember fashion is great but your health is far more important. Cute breathable clothes are out there.

I work 8 hours or more at times with my horse or on my property. Heat, cold and in between weather. My favorite is jeans- however I had to make a switch to riding/yoga pants. (Unless I'm doing fencing, safety first LOL).

Be well. Enjoy your summer ya'll.

  1. Hi . Thanks for sharing what has helped you with what can certainly be an irritating (and potentially worse) issue. It is always great to see the way community members try to help each other out. Wishing you a great summer as well. Best, Richard (Team Member)

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