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Scared of possible Small Bowel Cancer

Hello Everyone! I was diagnosed with IBS but my symptoms lately has been scaring me.. So I have abdominal pain that can be felt around my entire abdomen but.. there's this achy spot right beside my navel ( mid upper left ) that I feel most often than the other spots.. It also hurts when I touch or poke it. Lately I've been also seeing my stools that seem to have a slight " darkish discoloration ". The same thing we see when we have bruises on our skin. But they still have that normal overall color. But is this the Bleeding that You guys and Cancer patients have? The discoloration really bothers me . When I have flare ups , I get either Diarrhea or real lumpy dung that could mean Constipation. I also get back pain, leg pain and pain on my lower chest, Mid'ish region of my torso. I also occasionally see Mucus and Foam in my dumps. Are all these typical of Crohn's? My anxious mind's been speculating that I might have Small Bowel Cancer. Because of that specific pain spot I've been talking about. And due the fact that Bowel Cancers can have the
same symptomss as IBS and Crohn's. These are only some of the symptoms I have. Please help me. Anybody responding will be totally great.

  1. I'm so sorry to hear you are going through this . For your safety, as we are not medical doctors, we cannot offer any medical advice via the internet. If you haven't already, we always recommend speaking to a physician about new or developing symptoms. In the meantime, I've include some information on Crohn's disease here- and Also, thought I would share our sister site on IBS, just in case you were interested - I truly hope you are able to get to the root cause and find some relief. Sending hugs and positive thoughts your way. - Jessica, Team Member

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