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Similar symptoms

Hi, I was wondering if anyone could read my symptoms and tell me if they think I have IC or something less serious. I apologise in advance for the long post🤦🏾

I have had issues with being bloated at some point most to the point I look 9 months pregnant for years now. Few years back doctor said it was IBS. Although over the last two years I have constant wind and bloating that has got worse. I’m CONSTANTLY passing wind and having about 5 poos a day.mostly normal or the runs, never constipated. In February after going to the bathroom there was blood splatter all around the toilet and and in the bowl. No pain inside just a belly ache. My bloods were taken a folic acid was low but other than that fine so they said it was IBS or potential piles(only found this out other day I wasn’t told this at the time). Over the last 6 months I have been having a really bad burning feeling in my butt when sat down for long or driving, it’s like the burn you get after eating a hot curry. I just put it down to sitting down too long on a hard surface or the fact I’m overweight.
Anyways last weekend I drove for two hours to visit family and the pain suddenly went from bad to the worst pain I’ve ever felt in my life! Before I set off I had bright blood when I wiped. But on the drive the burning pain wouldn’t ease no matter how much I shifted my weight from side to side etc, it was like my butt and insides were burning from the inside out. Because it was so bad I went to A&E. the first nurse I see literally just looked at my butt and said I had a fissure and that was likely causing the pain and gave me some cream. The pain didn’t ease and that evening there was bright red blood covering the toilet. I just thought it was the fissure untill I went again and this time there was so much blood and it was darker that I went back to A&E. this nurse did a internal and concluded that there was no fissure and she didn’t know where her colleague got that idea and that I should book an emergency GP appointment when I was back home a few days later. After that massive bleed the pain eased from a 10 to a 3 and there was only one more poo with blood.
The GP did a internal and aggreed that it was not a fissure or piles and booked me for blood test and poo sample saying if it came back with low iron she would book me an emergency camera camera up butt(sorry don’t know what it’s called)if it didn’t then likely IBD.
Bloods came back yesterday with high serum protein C and somthing to do with my kidney levels being off but said that could be dehydration. Still waiting on poo results
I’m now waiting for the camera thing. I have been constipated for two days (I never am) and have this burning feeling inside. I really can’t explain it but it’s like acid burning my inside in my rectum/colon? It’s worse if I site down rather than lie on my side. The pain is not two bad considering how bad it was before the big bleed but it’s there. And every now and then it stings then settles, stings then settles and repeat. My stomach is LOUD! It doesn’t shut up. Fluctuates from being bloated to growling and lots of wind. I’m scared to poo incase blood.

My question is does this sound like IBD? Or could it be something less severe the doctor missed? Infection? Cysts? I don’t know.
Stomach cancer is in my immediate family.

Any help is much appreciated

  1. What is your diet, be specific, what do you eat and drink daily?

    I would try meslamine enemas, if it works then you should notice better inside symptoms upon your 1st or 2nd enema BM in the morning, I would stay away from corticosteroid suppositories or cortifoam or meslamine suppositories....raise your hips on couple pillows during enema administering, and stay that way for 30 minutes while your body adjusts before you get up

    1. Hi , I am truly sorry to hear all you enduring. I hope your medical team is able to get to the root cause of your symptoms. We are not medical professionals and therefore cannot offer any medical advice via the internet. I did include information on how inflammatory bowel diseases are diagnosed and commonly associated symptoms here - and Since you mentioned being diagnosed with IBS, I included a link to our sister site dedicated solely to the condition - I hope this info is helpful. Wishing you some relief. Kindly, Jessica, IBD Team Member

      1. Hi , I'm so sorry to hear of what you're going through and that you currently have no solid answers. But, I am glad to hear there are tests underway. A lot of the symptoms you mention could be associate with IBD (Crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis), but you won't know for sure until your doctor performs your diagnostic tests. Your Endoscopy procedure (camera up the behind) and stool sample results will hopefully provide some insight for you. Since you're in the diagnosis stage, please be sure to talk with your medical team before trying any new treatments. Please keep us updated, if you can!! We'll be thinking of you! - Pam (team member)

        1. my stool resorts came back normal so they said not likely it’s IBD. The doctor I seen yesterday thinks I the blood could be bloated blood vessels from being constipated, tho I am NEVER constipated! Mostly always loose stools or normal. Never pain when pooing, only after burn if I have runs.
          I even asked the first doctor if it could of been internal piles or ulcer that repaired and she said I would have likely been Ill if that was the case. Third doctor I seen said could be an infection but when I asked for antibiotics they said I don’t show signs of one other than blood🤦🏾
          I’m being told diffrent things by diffrent docters and it’s really annoying while in the mean time I am currently constipated since that big bleed and my butt is on fire. I’m taking surpositeries that’s helping the burning but it’s still noticeable. And my stomach bloats and hurts after eating or drinking. I won’t know if it’s something simple untill the camera. But I wish doctors would t make you worry if they are uncertain

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