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Spotlight on... Weather!

Whether it’s the heat and humidity or wind and the cold… we hear from many IBD community members that weather can strongly affect their symptoms. Does this happen to you? Have you found any tips or tricks to cope with it? Please join the conversation here!

  1. I do find that whenever I am flaring, any extreme temperature whether hot or cold, effects me negatively.

    For example, when I was living in NYC my health was not well. I was in a constant flare. During winter I found it so hard to keep warm since I was anemic and it was quite uncomfortable. I stayed in as much as possible. Whenever I had to go out, I made sure to layer and always have a warm hat that covered my ears. Also, online you can find little portable heat packs that fit perfectly in your coat pocket.

    During summer, I was also miserable whenever I was flaring. I found that I would get dehydrated easily and it was hard to function in the heat. I always would have ice water on hand, a portable fan and a spray mist to spritz on my face. You can get all of these things online.

    Always dancing,
    Elizabeth (team member)

    1. I have found that extreme cold/dampness kills me the most! Dry heat is best, but the colder I am, the worse my symptoms would get.

      And, let's not forget this time of year irritating allergy symptoms which is in a category all its own!

      --Julie (Team Member)

      1. Hi Pam,

        I recently wrote an article on this. My IBD tends to flare in the fall and in the spring, almost like clockwork. I try to plan ahead for those times, but it's a little daunting knowing it could be right around the corner.

        - Amanda (team member)

        1. can you show me your article

        2. Hi! Here's the article I was referring to. I hope you're feeling okay today. Warmly, Amanda ( Team Member)

      2. Right now into sprig is my rough time (I'm in Wisconsin and our weather here just can't decide what to do.) I was recently sick and that turned into a raging flare and I just have zero energy. I definitely think the cold fronts that come through just have no mercy on my system!
        Kelly, IBD Team Member

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