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Symptom tracking apps?

I'm wondering if anyone has any good recommendations for symptom tracking apps? Thank you!

  1. Hi Pam! Here are some of the symptom tracking/medication adherence apps I've used in the past & are worth mentioning.

    Symple System journal . -
    Oshi Health
    Apple Health - information to bring to your doctors
    PillDrill - adherence & wellness program/app/medication tracking system

    1. Hi Pam,

      I used to use the Cara App. It was amazing!! You can track your meals, water intake, pain levels, sleep hours, bowel movements, exercise and beyond. All in one spot.

      Always dancing,
      Elizabeth (team member)

      1. Thanks so much for your response ladies!! This is very helpful. Hope you're both well 😀 -Pam

        1. Hi just wanted to throw this out there - the AGA created and launched, last year, My IBD Manager.

          The app is not only a symptom tracker for IBD patients, it's also linkable for their AGA credentialed GI specialists to link up and receive their patient's data. The hope is to help them track symptoms and head off flares before health deteriorates.

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