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Ulcerative colitis flare in pregnancy

Hi all I’m pregnant with my second currently at 17 weeks, and just going into a flare real bad pain and using the toilet more frequent,
They want to put me on budenfalk rectal foam but it’s says it’s not advised in pregnancy has anyone else used this while pregnant?thanks x

  1. Hi, , first of all, congratulations on your pregnancy! I am so sorry you are experiencing a bad flare currently. While we cannot offer medical advice via the internet, I did include an article we have on pregnancy here - Hopefully others will weigh in with their experience. If you haven't already, this would be an excellent topic to discuss with your doctor. Wishing you relief and a healthy pregnancy. Hugs, Jessica, Team Member

    1. Congratulations on your pregnancy, @Chelle33 ! I am sorry you are experiencing a flare, and I would highly recommend you speak to your OB about your potential treatment plan before making a decision. It may make sense to have your OB and GI talk to compare notes and weigh the pros and cons of your treatment plan. When I was pregnant with my daughter, I kept open communication with both my GI and OB so that they both knew exactly what was going on should my Crohn's have started rearing its ugly head and I needed a change to my treatment plan.
      Specialists typically only know their area of expertise so it would make sense for your GI to suggest a medication that works for your GI issues, but I would definitely speak about it with your OB just to be safe.

      Keep us posted on how you're doing!

      --Julie (Team Member)

      1. Brilliant thank you I have had a quick look.I’m also struggling with horrendous leg aches which I don’t think Iv experienced this so bad previously.hopefully someone else will have experienced the same at some point.thanks again.

        1. I am someone who has been pregnant while dealing with Crohn's/Colitis (doc isn't sure exactly which one). I have used prednisone, salofalk suppositories and more recently Humira in my last 2 pregnancies. So, me and my babies have been "guinea pigs" to some degree. I think prednisone was the worst of the ones I mentioned. I guess I am just saying, from my point of view, do what you need to do to keep you healthy so you canbw an awesome mom for your baby!
          During my second pregnancy I flared up around 15 weeks and I tried some mild supplements which didn't help. Finally at 20 weeks I got on prednisone which helped....but then I couldn't wean off without the blood coming back with a vengeance. Oh dear, just remembering it is brutal. So good to be on the other side. = ) Anyway. At 30 weeks I was desperate and finally was in the dumps enough to try a drastic diet change. I began Elaine Gottschall's Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD). It helped so much I went down to a very low dose of prednisone for the rest of the pregnancy. I am a huge fan of the SCD. Don't let anyone tell you that diet can't help (a lot!!) with IBD. It hasn't singlehandedly cured me, but it's probably 40% of why I have been in remission for 2.5 years. I would only give Humira maybe 20% of the credit (it doesn't fully work either, if I mess up on the diet I feel it!! It's not such a wonder drug that I can eat whatever I want!). The other 40% is spiritual and emotional healing in the way of anger, anxiety, stress...too complex to explain here, but God's been working on me. ; )
          So congrats on your baby growing within, these are exciting days! Carefully weigh your options but don't live in too much fear because a particular drug hasn't been tested in pregnancy. I had to take a few risks but I have healthy (so far!) wonderful children. You will know in your gut what's right. It IS a little maddening, though, the lack of research which forces us to guess!

          1. , thank you so much for sharing your experience. I'm sure it will be very helpful for others to read! 😁 - Pam (team member)

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