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Unsure if IBS is correct, Crohn's?

Hi all!

I'm not sure if I belong here. For what seems like forever, I have had intense stomach pain almost all the time after eating, diarrhea, or, inversely, an urge to go to the bathroom without success. I am only 21 and have had both a colonoscopy, and an endoscopy today. All seemingly normal, though my doctor is testing for celiac. My family has a history of Crohn's, Ulcerative Colitis, and Colon cancer, and I really feel like I fit the symptoms for Crohn's. I had microscopic blood in my stool too, which triggered the procedures. I have been diagnosed with IBS, and while I'm grateful it's nothing more serious, I know people who have IBS and it seems theirs in more cyclical instead of constant. My grandma has Crohn's, and I know they only found hers doing a pill camera endoscopy (?), but I've already paid over $1500 for these two procedures. I am about to start new IBS medication, and while I would obviously prefer it be that, my gut (haha) tells me it's maybe something more, though I can't argue with medical findings. I guess I'm wondering if anyone has had a similar journey. Thank you in advance.

  1. Hi @Evabrooke26,

    Hopefully the tests you have had today will help shed some light on what's going on. Did they take biopsies? For me, biopsies were always the most accurate for showing what's going on.
    I have actually seen from others that a pill cam was needed to diagnose them, after normal colonoscopies showed nothing.
    - Sahara (team member)

    1. Also worth pointing out that you can have both Inflammatory Bowel Disease AND IBS!
      - Sahara (team member)

      1. @Evabrooke26

        Considering your family history, I would push for a pill cam test. Perhaps there is something going on in your small intestine. If your gut feeling is that something is up, then something usually is up. So trust your gut always and if doctors don't seem to listen, get a second opinion until you find someone that will honor your concerns.

        Also, I was diagnosed with both IBD and IBS. IBS is a functional issue of the gut. It does not cause damage to the gut lining, that would be IBD. So if there was blood found, it seems like there is certainly something else going on besides IBS.

        I hope you feel better soon.

        Sending strength your way,
        Elizabeth (team member)

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