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Which IBD symptom bothers you the most?

Living with IBD often means navigating a multitude of symptoms that can profoundly impact our daily lives. Whether it's abdominal pain, fatigue, inflammation, or something else entirely, each symptom presents its own set of challenges and frustrations.

We invite you to open up about the IBD symptom that bothers you the most. Share your experiences, vent your frustrations, and connect with others who understand firsthand what it's like to grapple with this condition.

  1. The uncertainty bothers me the most. Will I have diarrhea while I am out and about? Or will I be able to make it home in time.

    1. the uncertainly and urgency really can be such a rough part of living with inflammatory bowel disease. You're definitely not alone in worry about having diarrhea while out and about! How are you managing otherwise right now? Are you on a treatment that is helping manage your symptoms? -- Warmly, Christine (Team Member)

  2. Unpredictable - Not knowing what the day will be like, especially, if I have to go shopping. I carry all my essential needs in my backpack ( change of clothing, wipes, sanitizer, toilet paper, trash bag, Imodium) and it goes everywhere I go. It’s amazing how it affects me whenever I walk into a store. I’m feeling fine but within 5 minutes I need the facilities, sometimes, there is no warning (if you know what I mean).😢

    1. Hi . The unpredictability is definitely one of the issues that many struggle with. In fact, our patient leader Sahara wrote this article titled "How I Was Yesterday Means Nothing Today!" Glad you have your emergency kit, but sorry there is a need for it. People here do know that you mean. Best, Richard (Team Member)

    2. I know exactly what you mean. I have a bag with supplies I carry with me as well.

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