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What should I say?

Ten years of constant diarrhea within 30 minutes of eating and all I hear is “it’s probably stress, your colonoscopy looks fine” what can I say to get the doctors to listen?

Community Answers
  • thedancingcrohnie moderator
    1 year ago

    Hi Tori,

    So sorry you haven’t been able to get answers, I know how frustrating this can be. I second what Amanda has suggested. Ask your doc if you can do the camera endoscopy, you may find answers there.

    Also, in the mean time, to help with relief, have you tried Celery Juice? That was a game changer for me. Also, peppermint essential oil helps with diarrhea. Message me if you want to know more. I’m here to help!

    Always dancing,
    Elizabeth (team member)

  • Amanda Osowski moderator
    1 year ago

    Hi Tori,
    I’m so sorry to hear this, and that you have not gotten answers or support from your doctors.

    Have you had any other testing besides a colonoscopy? My Crohn’s disease is in the small bowel, and I wasn’t diagnosed until I did a test where I swallowed a small camera which took images all through my digestive tract.

    Here are a few links to stories of community members road to diagnosis – maybe something here will inspire you?

    I’m thinking of you & I hope our community gives you some support 🙂

    Amanda (team member)

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