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Fatigue Fatigue Fatigue!

  • By mad bird

    Hi all
    I’m a 47 year old woman with small bowel Crohn’s. Since the onset of this illness 15 years ago my overarching and by far most debilitating symptom is fatigue, I mean literal bed bound at times fatigue – prior to diagnosis I was so fit and healthy I ran marathons yet now I could easily be mistaken for a Chronic Fatigue Syndrome patient. This fatigue slammed its way into my life and has never left whether I’m in a flair up or not it’s always with me. Does anyone else suffer in this way? Any tips or advice? I’ve tried so many natural, herbal and alternative remedies but nothing helps. My life has slowly become smaller and smaller – I feel buried alive…..
    Thank you for reading

  • By Meagan Heidelberg Moderator

    Hi Mad bird!
    Thank you for commenting! You’re certainly not alone with your fatigue. We are sorry you’re dealing with this symptom of Crohn’s. Here are some strategies for IBD fatigue you may find helpful;
    Also, here is an article you may enjoy reading;
    Best – Meagan, Team Member

  • By Amanda Osowski Moderator

    Hi Mad Bird!

    I also have small bowel Crohn’s and struggle with severe fatigue when I am more symptomatic. I’ve learned for me that planning is super important, and I try to conserve energy/strength for things that are important for me to attend. I also have been using some natural techniques – some uplifting and energizing essential oils and crystals for meditation as well.

    I’m thinking of you!
    ( Team Member)

  • By Julie Marie Palumbo Moderator

    Hey Mad Bird!

    I, too, have small bowel CD, and chronic fatigue has also been my biggest side effect.

    (Question:Has your doctor tested your B12 and iron levels? That could be contributing to it.)

    I also am a HUGE FAN of afternoon naps–even if it is just for 20 minutes. A little power snooze can have a huge effect on the body and mind, and be that little recharge you need to continue with your day. And there is no shame in that! Naps are honestly my savior.

    Lastly, be sure you continue to fuel your body with naturally high-energy foods (fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, whole grains) rather than caffeine and sugar which will cause a crash hours later.

    Hope this helps and I hope you find relief!

    Julie ( Team Member)

  • By thedancingcrohnie Moderator

    Hi Mad Bird,

    Yes! I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease and fatigue was such an issue! It was so hard for me to get out of bed and I was constantly waking up exhausted even if I had 12 hours of sleep. You are definitely not alone in this one.

    For me, what contributed to the fatigue was the anemia, low iron levels and the fact that I had Ebstein Barr Virus. Once I got my hemoglobin and iron levels normal and took supplements and drank celery juice to rid my body of the virus, my energy levels came back to normal.

    Before, I literally was dragging throughout the day and was desperate to nap. Now I am functioning normally. Maybe ask your doctor to test you for those things?

    I hope this helps. Fatigue is the worst and can be so so frustrating.

    Always dancing,