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Gut Rumblings

  • By Bdub0923

    Hello, I’m new to the forum. I was diagnosed with small bowel Crohns about a year ago. Still trying to understand when to be concerned and what to do about certain symptoms. For example, my gut rumbles loudly sometimes. I mean across the room loud. When I’m in meetings at work, people ask me if I missed breakfast or lunch, but that’s not it at all. It normally rumbles more after a meal, but not necessarily. I’ve found it to be a precursor of a flare up.
    When I told my gastro this, she seemed to think it was probably unrelated, but i really really dont think so. When I had my near full bowel obstruction earlier this year, my gut was going crazy then. It’s also often accompanied by very smelly gas :/
    My questions are, does anyone else have these symptoms and find them to be associated with Crohns? If so, has any medication worked to reduce the symptoms? I’ve tried gas x and IB Gard and dont think they do anything. Anything else you have done with these symptoms? It’s very embarrassing, especially at work. Any thoughts would be appreciated!

  • By Bdub0923

    I should also mention I’ve been on Humira for 7 months.

  • By poonicorn

    Hi, also pretty new here!
    From my experience, yes I have it all the time, especially when I eat out or have a bad flare. My s.o. has had Crohn’s for 17 years and he’s reassured me plenty of times that it is very normal (at least for him and me both) as there is just so much activity going on in there. Others have also said they’ve heard crazy things from their tummies. My s.o. and I are very comfortable talking poo at this point and aren’t afraid to make jokes. I have started naming some of the noises as best described as the gurgles (those “oh- cr*p” sloshing rumbles that make you immediately look for the nearest restroom), the rumblies (safer gurgles a bit higher up in the abdomen), and the death screaches (really high-pitched sqirmy feeling ones that usually sound like a cat or an alien inside me. Also, very prominent during a flare). I’m slowly embracing some of the new norms and learning to just make light humor out of them. My s.o. currently fist bump before separating ways to the male and female restrooms in public. After all, laughter is sometimes the best medicine. Hope this helps!

  • By thedancingcrohnie Moderator

    Hi @bdub0923,

    Welcome to the forum, I am so happy you decided to post.

    I am sorry you are dealing with this, IBD is not easy, but you have a community here to lean on, always.

    I have experienced similar symptoms. The most embarrassing has to be the putrid gas. I have to say, in my case the gas was due to bacteria overgrowth! Which made total sense to me because I would get so bloated and the weirdest noises would occur after eating, plus the gas. It was those bad bacteria digesting my food and producing gas afterwards. So crazy! I saw a Naturopathic Medical Doctor, he prescribed me supplements to kill the critters and all of it went away. Perhaps you should try seeing an NMD?

    I hope this helps!

    Always dancing,
    Elizabeth (team member)

  • By Bdub0923

    Thanks poonicorn and Elizabeth! That gives me some comfort that I’m not crazy. My symptoms are exactly as you described, from the 3 different types of rumbles, to the putrid gas, to it starting right after eating :/ When I first told my GI doctor about this she told me she didnt think it was related. However, it definitely gets worse during a flare and seems to be a precursor to my flares.
    Elizabeth, would you mind telling me what prescription worked for you? Maybe it’s something I can ask my GI about if my current medication that was prescribed 2 days ago doesn’t help.
    Do you find that certain food make it worse? Any non-prescription remedies help?