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Odd — Body sweats at night but never when a fever is active

  • By kjgartner

    It is my sweetheart who has Crohn’s, not I, but she has no energy to engage the Internet to find relief, so I am helping.

    Crohns for 20+ years. As of 2016, “in remission”. Late 2016, started to have a health meltdown which eventually resulted in hospitalization, electrolyte loss, extreme weight loss and eventually ulceration in the colon. SIBO too. Not fun at all. probably, this will be later merely referred to as a ‘flare’ in her medical records. She does not take any medication other that colestipol (for bile salts/diarrhea symptoms), ‘self-medicates’ entirely via diet and nutriceuticals for many years, not strong enough to work with oregano oil (as gut antibacterial) yet.

    In October of 2017, she suddenly developed ‘night sweats’ every evening and this continues to date (more than three months). Almost 100% chance of completely sudden drenching head-to-shin at approximately 30 minutes after retiring. Often 3-4 different times during the evening, complete changes of bedclothes, and reposition to a dry spot in the bed with different wrapping towels. There are no ‘chills’ before the sweat beads suddenty break out all over the body. There is a slight smell to the sweat (more of a m’mineral’ scent rather than something like a ‘body odor’). She is fatigued from lack of sleep and spends her days doing laundry.

    Her gastro doctors shrug and say these things sometimes happens for Crohn’s patients. Not helpful at all, unless she were willing to take random prescribed drugs or heavy antibiotics, which are non-starters for her.

    Here is the one interesting point we have noted. She *never* gets night sweats if she has a low-grade fever (such as due to flu or some other condition). Recently she was so relieved to have contracted a fever because she got the first full night of restful sleep in many months. I have been reading everything I can find about this kind of sweating and never have I seen any discussion about this relation. So one question is how to temporarily INDUCE a low grade fever, so she can get some rest periodically … I have read the taking capsacin can do this, any others ideas?

    Now, you might be wondering why she is not working more directly on the colon infection that has led to the ulceration, which is probably the source of the inflammation which is the source of the night sweat. It’s complicated, but basically she has learned over the decades that taking random medications (even one time) has led to months or years of side effects. Also, doctors are not really to be trusted as they rarely wish to be a ‘partner’ to help with the health in a natural way. That the colon infections started just after an unnecessary colonoscopy is just one example of why blind trust in doctors is not going to be granted.

  • By Brooke Abbott Moderator


    So, I had a serious issue with night sweats & the mineral scent before I had my colectomy. I started using the cooling mats and pillows to sleep on. I also started acupuncture. For me, the acupuncture helped a lot. I also took a cooling shower before bed and dropped a few drops of peppermint and tea tree essential oil in my lotion to cool my body down. When it was really bad, I used the cooling mats and pillow to sleep on. I later found out, that my body was in flare during those night sweats. With the combination of continued acupuncture & my current biologic treatment, my disease is under control for the most part and the night sweats have stopped. For hot flashes I use the essential oil and lotion remedy to help regulate my body temp. Staying hydrated also helps. I use an ORS to keep myself hydrated.
    -Brooke Team Member

  • By thedancingcrohnie Moderator

    Hi kjgartner,

    I dealt with these night sweats when I was in a flare, they are so awful and uncomfortable. Honestly, mine didn’t go away until I dealt with the flare and got the inflammation under control. I HIGHLY suggest celery juice. This is what was a game changer for me, and finally promoted the healing my gut needed. I am now flare free and thriving. I started the celery juice protocol by stumbling on Medical Medium’s website. It is a power house of a super food and is one of the best anti-inflammatory foods out there. Google it! I hope it provides your loved one the relief and healing it did for me. Keep the faith, there is a solution out there!

    Always dancing,