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Persistent blood

  • By faseert

    Hi Everyone, relatively newly diagnosed UC here.

    I guess my symptoms were a textbook case up until my diagnosis via colonoscopy in this january. Cramps, diarrhea, bloating, blood/mucus/pus in stool, lots of weight loss, lack of appetite, nausea etc. I was prescribed Salofalk 3g granules.

    Now the Salofalk treatment and low-residue diet seems to have worked well, I have 2-3 bm-s a day, some minor cramps and flatulence here and there, but mostly I’m fine. The one thing bugging me, is that I still see blood in my stool almost every time I have a bm. I was also diagnosed with hemorrhoids, but the blood I see is sometimes darker in color and sometimes it’s approx. a spoonful.

    Does any of You experience blood in stool in remission? Is that common? As I’m fairly new to the disease itself I’m not even sure how I should know whether I’m in remission or not. I’d like to know your thoughts.