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upcoming MRI/mild inflammation

hi guys! so i’ve had pain in my stomach after every time i eat and just in general for a little over a month now. i
my bloodwork is all 100% fine, looks wise my endoscopy and colonoscopy are both fine, except for my colonic mucosa showing mild nonspecific chronic inflammation. my GI (that i dont really like and im probably gonna het a new one lol) said the pathologists always just “write that” which i feel is wrong but whatever, he ordered an MRI with contrast for me so they could look at my entire abdomen and pelvis and see if there’s something in my small intestine. he keeps saying it’s psychological but i really feel like it’s not, im scared that the day i go for the MRI my stomach won’t show a lot of inflammation and i’ll be told it’s all in my head, any advice im only 17 and i feel like no one believes me and im just tired of being in pain 🙁

also just wanted to say that i’ve also had two stool samples that were both fine for blood, microscopic blood, and cal-protein, and i dont have h-pylori or anything like that, some of my other symptoms are nausea, i’ve lost like 8-9ish pounds in like 2 weeks, have like no appetite, super tired, and feel light head all the time

  1. so sorry you're experiencing trouble! It is hard when not only do you have pain, but people don't believe you. I just want to share this - but unfortunately, your post violates our community rules ( - specifically this piece here "The content of is intended for users 18 years of age or older. If you are under the age of 18, you are not permitted to register as a member of" I see in your post that you are only 17. I realize you likely didn't have any idea about the rule! I can't give you medical advice, but one thing we always advocate here is the idea that patients know their body. So if you feel something isn't right - never hesitate to advocate for yourself and continue seeking second and third opinions, etc. until you meet a healthcare provider you trust and feel listens to you and takes you seriously. I am not going to remove this post right now as I want to make sure you receive this. But if you can come back when you turn 18 that would be great 😀 - Reggie ( Team Member)

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