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Whole30 diet, is it good for someone who has Crohn's?

Hi, my poor friend has Crohn's and is desperate to feel normal. He's considering the Whole30 program but I am skeptical as I'm worried about important food groups being eliminated and the pseudo-science behind it.

He's not celiac so I don't think it's relevant. Has anyone else tried it? I'd prefer he try a food diary or an anti-inflammation diet. Would appreciate any feedback of those that have tried Whole30. Regards Po

  1. It's definitely worth a conversation with your doctor. There are so many books available, pinterest boards too. But definitely discuss any dietary changes with your Doctor or a nutritionist to ensure you make changes that will be gentle and beneficial to your insides.

    1. Thank you for your question – I'm sorry to hear of your friend's diagnosis. I hope you will receive some answers from our community members and please let us know what you find out as well! - Pam (team member)

      1. Hi!

        The diet part is a very tricky thing because for most patients, traditional "healthy" foods are not healthy for us. But there are also some people that are able to control their symptoms pretty well with diet. My entire life with IBD has been a game of trial and error when it comes to food. Even after surgery. Everybody is different and usually there isn't one single diet that can be everything for a person. Your friend may have to create his own diet that not only helps his body heal & get nutrition, but that he can tolerate. Don't be surprised if his diet consists of steamed broccoli, tofu & fries. He should keep a food journal and track what works and what doesn't. I would suggest staying away from food that will cause obstructions or not digest easily. Things like corn, seeds, and nuts are usually things that don't go over well in IBD patients.
        -Brooke Team Member

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